A bespoke store experience

    What is a great customer experience?

    It's something customers tell friends about. Like their favourite song coming on as they drink a coffee.  Perhaps it's hearing something completely new whilst they chose a new outfit.  Or perhaps it's simply feeling comforted and relaxed at the exact time they are making an important purchasing decision.

    It elevates a brand to distinction, with the atmosphere of all sites harmonising in unison. Ultimately it improves your bottom line.

    At Central Radio, we know a thing or two about the power of the ultimate radio experience!


    But that’s where we can help. We know music.  And we now how to create the perfect blend of content to keep someone engaged and interested. We create branded retail store solutions and experiences that sync perfectly in tune with your business objectives.

    Behavioural Science in action, in-store.

    We work with you to create something that's unique to your own customer experience.  And because we're Central Radio, it doesn't come with a huge price-tag either!

    Want to know more?  Send us a message using the form below, and we will get back to you soon.

    We'd love to hear from you, don't worry we won't bombard you with loads of emails and sales calls, if you've got a genuine interest in promoting your business... let's chat!



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